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Characters: Minor Edit

  • Giratina

The Story Edit

Phil was walking through the park in the middle of the night... he walked towards the pond. When he looked in he saw a reflection, but it was not of himself... he saw a monster. A monster with a terribly golden face and horrendous red eyes. It jumped out of the water and dragged him in... but he could still breathe... he wasn't in the water... he was in some topsy turvy world.

"You brought him!" Another black monster said.

"Yes, I did" the beast said.

"You monsters can talk?!"

"Who in the reverse world calls us monsters?" the other beast said.

"Reverse World?" Phil asked.

"This place!" The other beast said.

"What are you?" Phil asked.

"A saiyan. And a darkrai." the Darkrai said.

"What's your name?"

"Leaf." Leaf said.

"Okay, why do you need me?" Phil asked.

"Well I heard that something suspicious was going on in another dimension. We are to go find out." Leaf said.

"We? Who said I was joining your team!?" Phil yelled.

"I did." Leaf said.

"What is this thing?" Phil asked.

"A giratina." Leaf said.

"Where are we going." Phil replied.

"To FAIRYWORLD!" Leaf said.

"What kinda nutjob are you thinking faries are real?" Phil asked.

Phil knew that they were, as he was lying. He had two fairy godparents, much more than anyone else had. Their names were Cosmo and Wanda, he had a godbrother named Poof as well, could that be where leaf had gotten the idea of FairyWorld from?

"Why do you think I am a NUTJOB!?" Leaf cried.

"Because." Phil said.

"Kame..." Leaf started.

"Dont you dare." Phil said.

"Hame." Leaf continued.

Phil jumped off giratina as leaf said "HA!!!" and it blasted Giratina to bits.

"Oh man." Leaf said "Vegeta's gonna kill me!"

"Vegeta?" Phil asked.

"My mentor." Leaf said.

"Ah... so can we go to fairy world now?" Phil asked.

"Yeah." Leaf said.

But in another dimension two people were battling.

"Buizel I choose you!" A boy said.

"Go Electivire." Said a grumpy boy.


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